Mobile Banking Glossary

  • SMS: Short Message Service - SMS is a feature available with practically all modern mobile phones that allow users to send and receive short text messages.
  • Text Messaging: Text Messaging - also called SMS (Short Message Service) - allows short text messages to be sent and received on a mobile phone. Messages can be sent from one phone to another by addressing the message to the recipient's phone number.
  • Short Code: A short code is similar to a phone number, but shorter, and it can only be used for messaging. Short codes can only be used from mobile phones. They cannot be used to place voice phone calls. Short codes are country-specific.
  • Vanity Code: Similar to Short Codes, Vanity Codes associate the Short Code numbers to spell a memorable word or phrase.
  • Commands: A command is sequential number or letters that tells the service to perform an action. To view the Tri Counties Bank Mobile Banking commands click here.